• Smart Buildings

    Infrastructure for facility management of large buildings

    Assessment of
    - Energy Consumption

    - Indoor Air Quality

    Using off-the-shelf sensors from 3rd party manufacturers

  • Connected Health

    Continua-certified sensors connecting to MergeRF infrastructure

    Enabling long-range BLE connectivity

    Wearables and medical sensors with roaming connectivity in large buildings

  • Dynamic- and Manageable Beacons

    Full 2-way support for on-the-fly updates- and monitoring.

    Get connected with your customers Smart Device over BLE

    • Large Scale Deployments
    • Dynamic Beacon Configuration
    • Fleet Management of MergeRF- and 3rd party Beacons,
      RestAPI-support for BMS (Beacon Management System),
      optional IPv4/v6 support
    • Beacon-type Agnostic
    • Long-range Wireless Connectivity for Large Buildings and Smart-City Applications
    • Ease of Use via Self-Forming and Self-Healing Networks
    • OEM Branding Available

    Demo Kits now available!