• Smart Buildings

    Infrastructure for facility management of large buildings

    We offer stable and reliable IT-infrastructure for

    commercial buildings, seamlessly connecting thermometers, particle sensors and other key devices.



    Our solution reduces maintenance- and management costs by collecting data from the entire building or construction site, and providing full accessibility based on customer preference


  • Digitalise your building today

    Increased flexibility

    Due to MergeRF’s superior range, employees and sensors can move around freely.

    We provide interoperability across standards, allowing you to employ almost any sensors, regardless of the manufacturer.

    Stable and reliable day-to-day operations

    MergeRF enables continuous data collection, and connects to your Industrial Control System to simplify planning, maintenance and management of the building. Freeing up time allows you to employ additional resources elsewhere

    Increased cost-efficiency

    The network is completely wireless, meaning that no drilling or major modification.ns of the building infrastructure is required.

    As a result, installation is quick and affordable.



  • Connected Health

    Continua-certified sensors connecting to MergeRF infrastructure

    Enabling long-range BLE connectivity

    Wearables and medical sensors with roaming connectivity in large buildings

  • Dynamic- and Manageable Beacons

    • Full 2-way support for on-the-fly updates- and monitoring
    • User Interaction via the customers Smart Device over BLE
    • Positioning and tracking via partner-solutions.

    • Dynamic Beacon Configuration
    • Fleet Management of MergeRF- and 3rd party Beacons,
      RestAPI-support for BMS (Beacon Management System),
      optional IPv4/v6 support
    • Beacon-type Agnostic
    • Long-range Wireless Connectivity for Large Buildings and Smart-City Applications
    • Ease of Use via Self-Forming and Self-Healing Networks
    • OEM Branding Available