• Health Care Technology and
    Smart Buildings

    MergeRF® Technology - One Common Wireless Network for IoT

  • Wireless IoT network with unique flexibility

    We deliver a long-range and open IoT infrastructure for data collection and operation.

    The infrastructure handles thousands of different sensors based on a broad range of open communication standards.

    Facility Management


    We offer a flexible IoT infrastructure for

    large commercial buildings

    Seamlessly connecting thermometers, particle sensors and other key devices.


    Our solution reduces maintenance and management costs by collecting data from the entire building or construction site, and providing full accessibility based on customer preference.




    We offer stable and reliable IT-infrastructure for the healthcare industry

    Enabling seamless connection and data transportation for body sensors and other key devices.


    Our solution grants the healthcare provider more flexibility and increases the quality and quantity of treatment, as well as improving the perceived quality for patients.

  • The Story behind

    Who we are and what we can do for you

    One system covering most applications

    Metering, illumination, heating, guidance, mHealth

    Vitir is your strong strategic partner for solutions connecting eHealth/mHealth, metering and environmental control in the same system. A potential of millions of devices can be connected with MergeRF technology within segments Welfare technology, Smart Buildings and Smart Homes, Smart Communities and Smart Cities and general IoT.

    The Team

    Our accumulated knowledge

    • Highly experienced staff with extensive knowledge within RF protocols such as Bluetooth, Wireless M-Bus and KNX RF
    • Market background from Smart Metering and Smart Buildings
    • RF design with superior range performance and optimum antenna design
    • Regulatory compliance for Europe, India, Africa and USA.
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    Org/Vat No.: 916 048 939


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